Artemis Internet Inc.


What is .trust?


.trust is the unique Top-level Domain (TLD) that aims to provide a safer, more trustworthy Internet for us all.

Under the .trust domain, organizations protect their brand, reputation and sensitive customer information by implementing the highest level of security reliability.

.trust is underpinned by three core principles by which all applicants will abide:

  • Verify

    The .trust registry requires domain applicants to submit identity documentation and proof of IP rights to prevent misleading, abusive or malicious registrants. All submissions are validated by humans to ensure proper authorization.
  • Secure

    Registrants of .trust domains are required to agree to rigorous security policies that will forbid the intentional use of .trust domains for malicious activity and minimize the security exposure of the organization through the application of best-of-breed security practices.
  • Enforce

    The .trust registry will systematically scan sub-domains for compliance with our security policies.